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Shepherds Egg


Today I had a vision. Today i will create that vision in the mortal realm.

First up i got some potatoes, and gave them a lil shave, then chopped up, like a vegetarian Sweeney Todd



Then i buried the bodies at sea. Is this the end for our starchy heroes? Only time will tell what fate has in store for them.


bath time

Next up i got some onions and garlic. Imo this is as close to salad as you want to get m8s


Frying those onions up. Also thats a giant spoon not a tiny frying pan and a child’s hand


Cooking is hard work so we took a break and ate this cake.


This is your brain, this is your brain on drugs. Just kidding its meat. On drugs


Added the meat and some more nonsense and did a cook .This is what we top chefs like to call pie guts


Got the potatoes and mashed em up all magical with this frikken dragon butter. They call me the Greasey Gandalf, the dairy godmother, i make your buttery wishes come true son.

dragon butter

Forming the egg


Pie guts go in the egg. ( the only phrase you’ll ever need to work in a pro kitchen environment )


The finished Shepherds Egg, a thing of beauty soon to be ruined by mans hubris.


I decided to try and give my egg a nice golden shell but it kind of deflated in the oven. What we have here is more a shepherds bum cheek tbh


Disappointing to say the least but Weezy looks to be enjoying the taste of Shepherds Arse.


Shrimp and grits


Went out to a nice bar called The Parish in Tucson tonight and obviously ordered the shrimp and grits




Check out this bollocks, a little biscuit guy made of grits ( what the heck is even grits idk ), topped off with some sea bugs and the whole lot set adrift on an ocean of cheesey nonsense.



The whole mess was accompanied by something called collard greens, which apparently means a skillet full of bashed up cabbage.




The aftermath of a 4 man blurko orgy.  I’d explain what my companions ordered but tbh they just shoved it into their wicked little face holes so fast I really didn’t have time to record it.

quick review


The Parish , Tucson ; v good drinks knocked out by a waistcoat wanker who’s actually p cool , food is big and v good. would recommend if you find yourself trapped in Tucson with a bunch of pigmen who want well cooked large grub and a bunch of fancy booze to swill it down with. 





Check out this monstrosity I found lurking in the freezer!



Having decided I haven’t eaten nearly enough frikken dirt today, these horrors are consigned straight to microwave hades where they will spend a short but painful time before descending to the final circle of hell, aka me awful guts.




I make no pretense at this being a fancy food blog but I have gone gourmet as heck on these rude sausages.  Observe the subtle blending of sugary tomato bash up and yellow dirt paste. Très bon!




One bite in and I’m already in processed meat heaven. In my mind this is what eating a human dick wrapped in carpet underlay would be like. ( full review of that in a future food blog post maybe )