Shrimp and grits

Went out to a nice bar called The Parish in Tucson tonight and obviously ordered the shrimp and grits




Check out this bollocks, a little biscuit guy made of grits ( what the heck is even grits idk ), topped off with some sea bugs and the whole lot set adrift on an ocean of cheesey nonsense.



The whole mess was accompanied by something called collard greens, which apparently means a skillet full of bashed up cabbage.




The aftermath of a 4 man blurko orgy.  I’d explain what my companions ordered but tbh they just shoved it into their wicked little face holes so fast I really didn’t have time to record it.

quick review


The Parish , Tucson ; v good drinks knocked out by a waistcoat wanker who’s actually p cool , food is big and v good. would recommend if you find yourself trapped in Tucson with a bunch of pigmen who want well cooked large grub and a bunch of fancy booze to swill it down with. 




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