Today I found ( wrestled from my powerful wife ) some cheese curds so  I’m trying to make the Canadian classic poutine

First up I cook some bacon. It’s maple flavored so I guess it’ll be extra Canadian. Also probly extra carcinogenic, oo la la!

When ur cooking ur bacon it’s good to have a cursed crystal formation on deck for luck
Next we chop up some onions and cook them in the bacon fat. As you can see the spirits have imparted some words of wisdom through the mystical medium of onion

Next up get ur mighty spouse to cook your tots for you. Ovens are hot, safety first lads. 

Back to the gravy. Throw some noise in with the cryboys (onions). I got this bourbon cider because I’m trash ( also a cryboy )

Make sure ur tots are hot. Hallelujah hot tot. As they say in Canada ,hooty tooty !

Gravy nearly ready. You can take a break here and take a shit



Eggs : there not just for anus. You can put em on ur poutine

Build ur poutine. Curd those tots daddy!


If this dish was a ginger singer I would call it Egg Sheeran lmfao

Finally bacon and we’re done. What a fucking mess. Belisimo!


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